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By offering a high quality of services together with a wide range of networks around the globe, the Dry Cargo Chartering section capable to back up all sizes of cargo and vessels to meet customer’s requirements. Possessing extensive experience in securing long-term deals has been built up with a well-built set of contracts.

Mixing up with experience, knowledge plus participation in any decision-making process and a full service of the post-fixture package, Macor Shipping principals appreciate and continuously seeking our in-house team for continuous support and consultation of their business.


Our capability in analyzing the market of dry bulk surely will provide the value-added to our customers. This value-added will become an integral part of our customers in competing with other main players in the market. We analyze the global seaborne dry bulk industries with a focus on major commodities like iron ore, coal and grain. Also, we studied the major growth drivers that will have an impact on the future growth of the dry bulk industry.


As one of the leading overseas logistic consultants, we always aware that logistics is increasingly becoming one of the main issues in cost and quality customer services distinguish one company product from another. Knowing the importance of these items to our customers, we always prepare and ready to offer creative & efficient ideas/strategies in cutting costs without damaging the quality of logistics services they received. This will make our customers be more competitive in the open market.

Our overseas logistic consulting is well qualified and prepared to assist our value customers to craft the best suited logistic concepts for each of them and develop the very best solutions to their products logistic concern.


We also offer trading consultation services to our valued customers. Our systematic, structured and attractive trading consultation program surely will provide benefits to the customers especially traders. We also believe that trading consultation services that we offer can become the main cellar for our customers in their aim to improve their business activities and increase their company image internationally.

Different from normal broker company, we do not only match the business but also monitoring and assisting our customer's business and fixtures from the first stage until the file closed and all outstanding matters cleared. This is always our job with the objective to facilitate trade and investment and make the business transactions between our customers and their counterparty smooth and easier.


Oceangoing Claims also one of the items which should not be taken lightly. Consideration of this matter, Macor Shipping inserted Legal Consulting as one of our main Job Scope. Whenever our clients need an assistant, we will be there to offer our consulting services to them and to guide them accordingly in settling the matter of the claim.

If the expert legal department needed to settle the claim, we will quickly locate the “perfect expert”. All the searching will be done by us and it will be convenient as it’s saved our customers time and costs.


Overall overview we believed that the demand for two commodities – coal and iron ore will drive the dry bulk industry in the near future. As the demand for steel is growing, especially in Asian countries, iron ore is expected to see the highest growth among the dry bulk commodities. Further, coal is also likely to be a much-in-demand commodity with new power plants being installed in Asian countries.

By analyzing the current dry bulk commodities’ trend, we expect the demand for this type of commodities especially coal will keep increase time by time. We also fully alert that high possibility of foreign investors showing interest in investing their money in the Mining Sector in near future.

Due to these circumstances, we developed our Research and Development Section which one of its responsibilities is to study the regulations, procedures, practices, requirement terms and conditions, and so on. For time being, we launched a study on coal mining investment in Indonesia especially after they introduced a new coal mining regulation named INDONESIA MINERAL AND COAL MINING 2009. Once receive request from a potential investor, we will be ready to involve as the consultant to assist them in developing the coal mine at Indonesia

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