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Our Business


Possessing extensive experience in securing long-term deals has been built up with a well-built set of contracts. We offer a high quality of services together with a wide range of networks around the globe, the Dry Cargo Chartering section capable to back up all sizes of cargo and vessels to meet customer’s requirements.


We analyze the global seaborne dry bulk industries with a focus on major commodities like iron ore, coal and grain. Also, we studied the major growth drivers that will have an impact on the future growth of the dry bulk industry.

Insurance Agent


Knowing the importance of cost and quality to our customers, we always prepare and ready to offer creative & efficient ideas/strategies in cutting costs without damaging the quality of logistics services they received. This will make our customers be more competitive in the open market.


We also offer export and import commodities trading services to our valued customers. Our systematic, structured and attractive trading program surely will provide benefits to the customers either suppliers or buyers. We also believe that trading services that we offer can become the main cellar for our customers in their aim to improve their business activities and increase their company image. internationally.



We have amassed a wealth of experience in the realm of shipping agency, demonstrating our adeptness in managing a wide array of logistical challenges and ensuring seamless operations for our clients. From overseeing vessel arrivals and departures to troubleshooting unexpected delays and coordinating with port authorities, our role has demanded a comprehensive understanding of the intricacies of the shipping industry. Our ability to thrive in high-pressure environments, making us an invaluable asset to our clients.

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